Christmas DIY!: Ornaments

So, this year, we got a new tree (one that wasn’t 4 feet). Which meant I had to get new ornaments as I wouldn’t have enough from my old tree. I put up the ornaments and felt slightly inspired, so I made these!


I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone has come up with this, but it is still too great an idea to pass up sharing! So to learn how to make these quick and easy, cute ornaments, keep on reading!


What you need:

  • Clear ornaments that can be taken apart (preferably plastic so it doesn’t shatter if dropped)
  • 4×6 photograph of subject (I got it with a matte finish because if shell is glossy, there would be too much shine if I got it in glossy finish)
  • Ribbon (any color)
  • Tacky glue
  • Glitter (any color)
  • Tissue paper

And of course you’ll need a pen and scissors.


ALRIGHT! Let us begin!

  1. CUT. Examine the two halves of the clear ornament ( I got mine from Michael’s) and figure out which one fits inside the other. You will want to use the smaller of the two circles. Just trace the circle onto the picture and cut it out.


    (There may need to be some extra trimming if the picture doesn’t fit inside)

  2. GLUE. You have two options here. You can either choose to work on the outside of the ornament or on the inside (the inside is a lot cleaner, but not as clear. You’ll know what I mean when you see the results). Take your tacky glue, the kind with a nozzle, and make whatever designs you want on the ornament (no need to rush because tacky glue takes a little while to dry).SAMSUNG CSC
    Gluing on the inside.SAMSUNG CSC
  3. SPRINKLE on the glitter! LET DRY. If you chose to work on the outside, this might require a little work, a spoon is helpful or just gently pour the glitter straight from the container.

    If you chose to work on the inside, you only need to pour the glitter into the ornament and swish it around until it is fully covered.

    So with working on the inside, you will know it’s dry when the glue is clear. As you can see below, some parts are clear and some is still opaque. SAM_2403.JPG
    Work over newspaper for easy cleanup. I also used an egg carton that I kept from my old painting projects to hold some of the glitter. LET DRY!

  4. ONLY IF WORKING OUTSIDE. Paint a layer of clear acrylic or glue to keep the glitter from falling out everywhere.
  5. OPTIONAL. Stuff a bit of tissue behind the photo. It allows better viewing of the design. I actually just used regular tissue paper, it was a lot softer, but that is totally up to you.SAMSUNG CSC
  6. ASSEMBLE. Dust or tap off excess glitter. Then just put everything together and tie a ribbon on it! A trick here is to actually tie a knot at the base of the ribbon which loops around the ornament hole. This way it will prevent it from sliding and is more secure.



And there you have it! Cute and easy ornament that is very personalized!




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