How TO: Gift Wrapping, Ribbon Tying

So Christmas is rolling in fast, and you’ve probably already had to wrap some gifts and given them out. BUT! There are still more to do. For those of you who don’t know how, get confused or fear wrapping gifts, need not worry, I’ve prepared a little guide!

Gift wrapping is actually fairly simple. If you’ve ever folded origami, this is no challenge. Of course there are those who haven’t and would rather pass this to another person than do it themselves. Or perhaps they would rather just throw it into a bag and call it a day. This is so much nicer though! It doesn’t take as much effort as you think!


What you need:

  • Gift
  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon


  1. MEASURE out the paper.

    I work on the floor so I have adequate space. TIP: To make sure you have enough space, actually take the gift and roll it from one point of the gift (ie. making your way through all 4 corners of a box). Always allow extra space even though you’ve measure it exactly.

  2. CUT the paper.

    For those who can’t cut straight lines, Costco sells these wrapping papers with grids on them! Or you could just try to find ones with grids.

  3. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to measure the other side of your box to make another cut. This is the side where you will make your lovely triangles. To do so, you want to measure past the halfway point of your box. Then, cut!
  4. FOLD the paper around the box. Fold it so it makes a tube!

    This part is probably where people get lost, but it’s really simple!  As you can see I actually use the floor to help me. Working from one side of this “tube”, I fold in the side piece of the paper, making sure there is a good crease at the base of box. That creates a triangle, I then run my nails along each fold to make it nice and crisp.SAMSUNG CSC

    I repeat for the other side. See how it makes a perfect triangle!SAM_2229.JPG
    Flip the box upside down and repeat!
    There you go! One side down!
    Do it again on the other side! Sometimes at this point I actually like to tilt it so that the part I am working on is facing up. The lines look nicer when I work on the floor though.





So you have the complete box. Now you just need to make it look pretty!

  1. Start with the gift upside down. Place the ribbon underneath the gift.
  2. Bring both sides of the gift up and around, above the gift. Criss-cross the ends, but don’t tie it, run it along the other direction.SAM_2241.JPG
  3. Run each end of the ribbon down the sides of the box and flip the box over right side up.SAM_2242.JPG
  4. Once right side up, take one end of the ribbon underneath itself. SAM_2249.JPG
    Do the same for the other end of the ribbon.
  5. Tie a knot where the ribbon crosses.
  6. Make a bow!

    I went ahead and curled the ends.

All done!



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